Smiling young girl showing devotion to two guinea pigsA Story Of Devotion

Few bonds are as strong and lasting as those between humans and their pets. This is especially true with small pets. For while they are tinier than our cats and dogs, their hearts seem just as big. Anyone who has seen the excitement in their furry companion when it is time to eat or play will tell you that these special pets deserve every bit of love, attention and healthy nutrition that they can be given.

DEVOTION small pet foods were created so that you can provide a diet to your small pet that is as special and unique as their personality, and as nourishing and wholesome as the connection you’ve come to share. Blended specifically for the needs of each species, we’ve searched the world to combine premium ingredients like fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts with our own unique, scientifically developed pellets and the most advanced, nutritionally balanced kibbles available on the market. Each recipe was lovingly crafted to give your small pet the optimal combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need to flourish, promoting everything from healthy skin and coat to improved dental hygiene. DEVOTION recipes additionally work to minimize hairballs and reduce the odour of waste.

The next time your pet looks at you when you pick them up to play, consider what that DEVOTION means to you. Haven’t they earned a diet that includes a little more, from a company that goes a little further? Their love for you has no limits, and your care for them should be just as wholehearted. DEVOTION: Love without Limits, Nutrition without Compromise.


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About Armstrong Milling

Aerial photo of facility where Devotion Pet Food is producedArmstrong Milling is a Canadian manufacturer of bird food, small animal food and oat groats with humble beginnings and an innovative future.

Named after Harvey Armstrong, the grandfather of two of the original owners, Armstrong Milling began in Caistorville, ON, in 1986 as an entrepreneurial venture between two brothers and the manager of their grandfather’s feed store. The three men purchased a single-owner operator’s birdseed company and began running the business on the side, renting space in a nearby feed mill in Niagara. By 1994, the birdseed business had become a full-time venture, and the three owners purchased a larger grain processing facility in Hagersville, ON, where the operations still exist to this day. Now a 70-person privately owned corporation – and growing – Armstrong Milling has been recognized nationally for its managerial and manufacturing excellence. Armstrong Milling is committed to technology upgrades that supported job creation in the local area. It was also the first and only bird food company to reach level 3 certification by Safe Quality Foods, a globally recognized standard of food safety and quality control.