Devotion: Love Without Limits, Nutrition Without Compromise

DEVOTION small pet foods were created so that you can provide a diet to your small pet that is as special and unique as their personality, and as nourishing and wholesome as the connection you’ve come to share. Blended specifically for the needs of each species, we’ve searched the world to combine premium ingredients like fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts with our own unique, scientifically developed pellets and the most advanced, nutritionally balanced kibbles available on the market. Each recipe was lovingly crafted to give your small pet the optimal combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need to flourish, promoting everything from healthy skin and coat to improved dental hygiene. DEVOTION recipes additionally work to minimize hairballs and reduce the odour of waste.

Package of Devotion Yummy Balance Rabbit BlendYummy Balance blends are a mixture of the most preferred, healthy grains, seeds, nuts, pellets and extruded kibble, along with the yummiest fruits and vegetables that act as great treats too! Beyond their yumminess, these blends are scientifically fortified to support healthy digestion, ensure optimal mineral absorption, reduce stress, optimize fat utilization; support urinary tract health, and finally, help pets maintain a softer coat and healthier skin.